Tax Credits

Aid for New and Expanding Businesses

Calvert County offers new or expanding businesses a tax credit against county property taxes imposed on real property. Businesses must meet the criteria set forth in the ordinance.

Requirements & Restrictions

The amount of the credit shall not exceed 50 percent of the amount of the property tax due in any taxable year. If the expanding or new business is engaged in the generation of electricity, the credit may be granted against the county property tax imposed on personal property and real property owned by the new or expanding business.


Eligible businesses are new or expanding businesses that own the land, building and personal property or any party responsible for paying the real property taxes on all or part of the land or building.

In order to be eligible to receive the credit, the new or expanding business shall:

  • Employ at least 25 new additional full-time employees in industries identified by the Board of County Commissioners as target market sector industries for the Department of Economic Development
  • Provide individual compensation for the new full-time positions that shall be greater than the annual average salary in Calvert County for similar or equivalent positions in the industry
  • Spend at least $2.5 million for land in Calvert County, improvements to land in Calvert County or equipment to be located in Calvert County